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Our Team

Behind the Chair


Justine Fernandez


Justine, dedicated owner of Divine Tones Hair Boutique, found herself in a challenging situation when an injury has prevented her from doing hair. Despite her physical limitations, Justine remains actively involved in the salon by mentoring her team, and continuing to oversee salon operations.
Her passion for the business and commitment to her staff have never wavered. Her focus at this time is looking after her body, while taking care of all the details behind the scenes.
Justine's resilience and leadership inspire her team to work together cohesively, ensuring that the salon continues to thrive in her absence from behind the chair


Christina Cupelli


Christina is not your average hair stylist - she is an empathetic artist who understands the power of transforming not just hair, but also lives. When Christina meets a new client, she doesn't just see a head of hair; she sees a person with a unique story and individuality.
By listening carefully to their desires and concerns, she is able to tailor each colour and style to reflect their personality and enhance their natural beauty. Whether it's high impact blonde, a rich chocolate brunette, or a trendy ash-toned colour, Christina's expert hands work their magic to create stunning results that leave her clients feeling radiant and empowered.


Jess Wyatt


Jess is renowned for creating the most seamless, subtle, and natural-looking highlights. She is a perfectionist when it comes to her craft, always paying attention to the smallest details to ensure her clients leave the salon feeling beautiful and confident.
Her technique is delicate and precise, using a combination of balayage and foiling to create a multidimensional effect that mimics the way the sun naturally lightens hair. With Jess' knowledge for colour she knows exactly how to blend shades to complement her clients' natural hair colour, skin tone, and personal style.


Sheenya Baillie


Sheenya is a skilled and thorough hair stylist who has a unique talent for enhancing natural hair colour with soft blonde tones and dimension. With meticulous attention to detail, she carefully selects the perfect highlight shades to complement her clients' natural hair colour. Sheenya is known for her ability to create depth and dimension in her clients' hair, giving it a multi-dimensional and vibrant appearance. With Sheenya's
dedication and creative vision, clients can expect a truly transformative and beautiful hair colour experience.


Hailee Barchard


Hailee is a vibrant and outgoing hairstylist whose creativity knows no bounds. She is known for her expertise in creating versatile and bold hair colours that always leave her clients feeling upbeat and stylish.
Whether it's bright blended blondes that shimmer in the sunlight, rich reds that make a statement, or sultry brunettes that exude elegance, Hailee's passion for experimenting with different hues and techniques shines through in her work. Her clients trust her to transform their locks into stunning masterpieces that reflect their individuality and bold spirit.


Taylor Black


Taylor is a down to earth hairstylist who is known for her talent in creating warm tones, trendy layered haircuts, and statement money pieces that leave her clients smiling from ear to ear. With a keen eye for style and a passion for making people look and feel their best, Taylor has built a reputation for her exceptional skills and creativity in the salon. Clients trust her to transform their hair with her expert touch.
Taylor's dedication to her craft shines through in every appointment, as she works tirelessly to bring out the beauty in each person who sits in her chair.

Our Team: Our Team
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