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Divine Tones Policies

At our Hair Salon, we thrive on providing each and every client who walks through the doors the best possible service we can offer. That’s why we have some basic policies in place to ensure everyone enjoys their Divine Tones experience.

Blond Wavy Hair
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Trimming the Ends

Scheduled Service Changes

Changed your mind on the service you booked? We need to know!

Each look/service requires a different amount of time to complete. Please notify us in advance if you have changed your mind on what type of look/service you would like to have done at your scheduled appointment. We need to be sure we can accommodate your requests without running behind. Or the alternative, if you are down grading your service, that we have the opportunity to offer that time to another guest.

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Lemon Tea

Health and Wellness

Feeling under the weather? Please stay home.

The health and well being of our team, and all who enter our door has always been a priority. One sick person coming to an appointment can lead to our whole team getting sick, resulting in many people having their appointments cancelled. Please contact us to cancel if you are unwell (C*VID related or not), and remain understanding that your appointment could be cancelled with short notice pending your stylist’s health. We will always do our best to accommodate you at a later date.

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Clock and Plant

Late Arrivals

Inform Us in Advance

We understand that due to your busy schedule, you may find yourself running late. If you think you are going to be late, please text to let us know. If you are 15+ minutes late, we may not be able to complete the full service you had booked.

Policies: Late Arrivals

Need to Cancel?

What You Need to Know

Please notify us at minimum 48 hours in advance to give us the opportunity to book in another guest. We will do our best to set up a better slot for you at your convenience. We know that sometimes things pop up last minute. That’s why we try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to cancelling appointments. Repeat, frequent cancellations with less than 48hr notice will require a deposit for future bookings.

Policies: Cancellations
Hair Brushes in the Hair Salon

No Show

No Tolerance Zone

We understand life can get in the way.
If you have an appointment with us and do not contact us via text message, phone call or email prior to your scheduled visit you will no longer be permitted to reserve future appointments with us.
This is our livelihood. Please respect our time.

Policies: Cancellations
Hair Salon

Service Guarantee

No Refunds

We do our best to manage guest expectations through the consultation process. Your understanding that some things are not achievable in one visit is appreciated.

Keep in mind, all hair colour fades. Colour longevity will be unique to each individual. Using the recommended home care products and getting on a suitable maintenance routine will help preserve your look for optimal results. 

In the event that you are not completely satisfied with your results, please let us know at the time of your service, or contact the salon directly within 48 hours after your service has been performed. We will schedule you in for a complimentary adjustment service.

Requesting a different desired look, because you didn’t like the results of what you and your stylist agreed on, is considered a new appointment time and full service charges will apply.

If you choose to see a different stylist for any adjustment to the service you were not satisfied with, full service charges will apply.

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